Capsa Susun is additionally a well known game in Indonesia which has countless aficionados. Capsa itself is partitioned into 2 types, there are Capsa Susun and Capsa Banting. In any case, we won’t examine caping chat. What we will talk about this time is the Capsa stacking which is as of now prominent in Indonesia.

Poker is generally played in 1 table game with various players between 2 to 8 players. There will be vendors that pivot all together from player to player. Cards will be managed 2 cards each for every player toward the start of the game.


Poker likewise depends on a mix of cards that will decide the champ in every time of the game. Like DominoQ poker mix cards are a mix of 2 players with 5 cards in the game table.

Capsa Susun is a game that is played utilizing playing cards just as those utilized in poker games. Capsa stacking is usually alluded to as a 13 card 4 player game. Since capsa stacking must be played by 4 individuals in 1 table game, every player will be managed 13 cards.

The request for cards in a similar game is equivalent to poker. What separates just the game plan of cards, in the event that poker every part is just managed 2 cards, at that point capsa stacking will be dispersed 13 cards.

Of the 13 cards will be separated into 3 columns. The base line are 5 cards that must be organized into card blends. The second or center line will likewise have 5. Just as the top line there will be a course of action of 3 cards.